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Our college library contains books on all branches of knowledge. Magazines, Periodicals and Reference books are also available.

Silence should be strictly maintained in the library.  During library period the trainee is expected to make use of 20150727_122351the library. Books may be taken out of the library following the token system and returned on the due date. If not returned, the book should be either replaced or the trainee will have to pay a fine, double the amount of the actual price of the book.

Magazines, Periodicals and Reference books are not to be taken out of the library.


The library resources available to faculty members and student teachers are as follows

  1. Total No. of Books 595020150727_122405
  2. Total No. of Titles 3879
  3. Reference books (encyclopeadia, Dictionary, Thesaurus etc) 150
  4. Journals 25
  5. Magazines 10
  6. News papers 3
  7. CD ROM 80
  8. Internet facility
  9. Back volumes of journals 41
  10. Software-
  • Rovan Library Management
  • JAWS software
  • English Mastery


Number of books in the library, journal subscribed to and additions, if any, in the last quarter.

  • Number of books in the library as on 09-12-2015                 – 5950
  • Number of journals and magazines subscribed                    -25

           (International/National/Regional etc)                                               

  • Number of subscriptions renewed in the last quarter        -12

[Remaining (13 nos) to be renewed when the period ends]   

  • Number of journals newly subscribed by last quarter       – nil
  • Number of books purchased in the last quarter                   – 12

(including complimentary copies)

Facilities added during last quarter

a) Computer Lab up – gradation

b) Library Software installation

c) R.O. system drinking water(available in Seminar Hall, 1st floor and 2nd floor)

Our InfraStructure :

Bio-science Education Department

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