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St. John’s College of Education

IMG_0505St. John’s College of Education is the first Co-Educational training College which is started in 2009 after the bifurcation of Diocese of Tirunelveli. “Joyfully Enrich, Enhance and Enlighten” is our College Motto.

As a Christian Minority Institution the primary aim of this institution is to train the budding youth teacher-trainers in Christian values and principles with the love of wisdom and knowledge and a broad vision of national development into committed teachers. The ultimate aim of this institution is to mould the Teacher-trainees for the greater mission of social change and the cause of social justice.

The College is situated in pleasant and natural surroundings. The College will admit boys and girls without any discretion of caste or creed. All the students are expected to learn joyfully and get themselves enlightened and enriched in order to enlighten and enrich the society.

We would like to mention here with pride the Memorandum Of Understanding signed between our college and Bishop Grosseteste University, London, United kingdom on December 2011 that would pave the way for promoting academic, cultural links and also research projects.

Our Academic performance

Academic Year Appeared Passed
2009-2010 100 92
2010-2011 100 94
2011-2012 100 90
2012-2013 98 93
2013-2014 83 80
2014-2015 97 96
2015-2017 78 77
2016-2018 66 65
2017-2019 99 97
2018-2020 97 97

As we step into the Eleventh academic year of our college, looking back with profound gratitude, we offer Praise, Glory and Honour to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for the manifold blessings showered upon our College right from its inception in the year 2009.

St. John’s College of Education, Palayamkottai is an additional feather to the cap of the TDTA, that was approved by National Council for Teacher Education, New Delhi in the year 2008 and affiliated to Tamil Nadu Teacher Education University, Chennai in the year 2009. Owing to the tireless and dauntless  endeavours of our revered former Bishop the Rt.Rev.Dr.S. Jeyapaul David, the dream of starting a Co-Educational College of Education in the heart of the town became a reality. Now under the patronage and chairmanship of our revered Bishop in Tirunelveli, the Rt. Rev. Dr. J. J. Christdoss, our College is marching towards the goal of attaining the ultimate objective of producing competent and dedicated teachers who will serve as agents of social change as they emerge from our College, imbibed with moral, spiritual and eternal values.

As our College Motto suggests, “Joyfully Enrich, Enhance and Enlighten”, under the able guidance and meticulous care and concern of the felicitous faculty, our student-teachers are trained to be well-equipped to encounter challenges in life with confidence and courage and become full-fledged teachers with zest for life. Within its very short span, our College has proved to be an excellent abode of knowledge and wisdom catering to the needs of all, irrespective of caste, creed and religion. In its very maiden attempt our College could obtain an appreciable percentage of passes in the University Examination, as mentioned below.


Academic Year No. of Students
Total Appeared Passed First Class with Distinction First Class Second Class
2009-2010 100 100 92 10 72 10
2010-2011 100 100 94 15 78 01
2011-2012 100 100 90 08 75 07
2012-2013 100 98 93 14 75 02
2013-2014 83 83 80 03 75 02
2014-2015 100 97 96 61 35 00
2015-2017 78 78 77 48 29 00
2016-2018 68 66 65 24 41 00
2017-2019 99 99 97 80 17 00
2018-2020 97 97 97 91 06 00

At this juncture, we would like to mention here with pride the MOU signed between our College and Bishop Grosseteste University, UK that would pave the way for promoting academic and cultural links and also research projects.A team of students and staff members from Bishop Grosseteste College, Lincoln visit our Diocese on exchange programme every year and they visit our college, observe the classes and interact with the students and the staff paving the way for academic enrichment.  A team of six members including our Principal Dr. S. Chandrasekaran had the privilege of visiting Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln, U.K from 30.05.2013 to 10.06.2013 bringing back home cherished moments of wonder, joy and fellowship that will go a long way to enhance the respective Institutions academically, ethically and spiritually.

Our students are given ample opportunities to participate in contests and competitions at the regional and state levels not only in Games and Sports but also in other co-curricular activities. Our students participate in various inter-collegiate competitions in Games & Sports and other co- curricular activities and bring laurels to our College.

Last year, we conducted two Seminars, one at the State Level and the other at the National level and an English Workshop at the State level that proved to be enriching programmes for quality improvement. During this COVID-19 pandemic periods, we conducted ten National Level Webinar programmes successfully.

The small beginning will no doubt attain perfection in all its spheres and keeping pace with the latest trends in Education, we keep marching towards progress and prosperity with the Divine Grace and Amazing love of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

To attain the objectives of providing the trainees with, 

  • ambience for harmonious living
  • professional competencies along with the relevant skills
  • opportunities for expansion of intellectual horizon
  • skills and abilities to face challenges in the field of education
  • training to face life’s challenges with courage

Our Mission

To attain our vision, we strive to,

  • infuse spiritual, moral and ethical values
  • provide adequate exposure to improve their teaching skills
  • encourage optimum utilization of Library, ICT etc.
  • make them cognizant with current trends in education
  • foster in them the spirit of dedication and determination.


  1. Every Student Teacher is expected to be inside his/her respective class room before 9.30 a.m. for prayer everyday without fail and attend class regularly. Late comers will have to pay a fine of Rs.20/-.
  1. Mobile phones are strictly forbidden inside the Classroom, Lab and Seminar Hall of the college campus. Those violating the rules will be penalized.
  1. Stringent action will be taken against any student involved in any form of indisciplinary behavior. Such a student is liable to be dismissed from college.
  1. During college hours, between 9.30 a.m. and 4.30 p.m., on no account should any student be allowed to go out of the campus without the permission of the Principal.
  1. Attendance is compulsory during Intensive Teaching Practice and the student–teacher can not avail any kind of leave on those days.
  1. Trainees should attend all the periodical tests and the examinations conducted by the college without fail and their absence on those days will affect their internal marks.
  1. Every student teacher is expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the college with regard to attendance, library, college fees, Examinations etc.
  1. Smoking inside the campus and the usage of alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden.
  1. A trainee needs to be courteous and polite giving due respect to the elders.
  1. Trainees should wear the  specific uniform on the days specified as per the  college  norms.  Students who  come  to college without the specified uniform will have to pay a fine of Rs.50/-.
  1. Those who damage  the college property  and  furniture  will have to pay  for  the  damage  caused.
  1. Trainees should abstain from  indulging  in  any  kind of party or communal politics.

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